Penguin Racing School, the oldest road racing school in the country, and Boston Moto are pairing up to welcome riders who desire ‘Track Time – Period.’

During the off season after 2013, Boston Moto had been working on plans to run limited events at select tracks in the New England, but those plans proved unfeasible as a small player in the track day market and we had decided not to run any events in 2014.

Soon enough though, we were approached by Penguin about a new concept extending their schedule beyond racer-oriented schools. Penguin expressed the desire for these days to include novice riders looking to develop skills applicable to the street, and advanced track riders who want to enjoy track riding in a low-key, friendly environment.

Naturally, this was a perfect fit with the approach Boston Moto had strived to provide as a track day organization, starting with the Intro to Track Riding program we debuted in 2008 to bring novice riders into track riding in a safe environment focusing on developing basic riding skills applicable to the street. As many of you also experienced, our remaining groups were allowed to enjoy their track time with minimal restrictions and have fun. 

Add to this the potential instruction capabilities within Penguin Racing School’s staff, and you have the ultimate track day experience. We are excited for the debut of this new concept for Penguin, and flattered that they are welcoming us to the following dates:

  • June 23rd event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
  • August 4th at the brand new track in Thompson, CT (track map below)
  • September 1st at the brand new track in Thompson, CT

Boston Moto will have a dedicated area in the paddock for our customers/friends to congregate and garage bikes for the events. If enough of you experience these events and they end up on your track calendars as ‘not miss’ events down the road, perhaps the same family of level-headed, drama-free riders that we came to know and love as our Boston Moto family, can make new friends at Penguin.

*All registrations should be made at: (Simply check the “Boston Moto” box when you sign up!)

But Wait….. There’s More! —-> Three Pack Offer!!

For those who wish to ride at all three of the above days ($840 value day-of registration, $750 value pre-registration)….

You can get all three days for $699 plus a pair of Uvex Sunglasses (your choice, from available stock – visit for more information… they literally have hundreds of styles, quality is of similar standards of Oakley products with UV protection, polarized lenses, etc. available in some models).


We thought the three pack and sunglasses offer was pretty rad, but to make the whole package “so… choice” we wanted to add some value.

Boston Moto Anniversary T-Shirt!!!

Any rider selecting the three pack offer and Boston Moto at checkout, will receive a limited-edition, “throw back” Boston Moto, Track-Time Period” T-shirt. These shirts will be made-to-order for those signing up for the three-day pack and not available for private sale (until the end of the season if we have any left!).  They will feature the same front graphics as our Track-Time Period shirt, and the large logo on the back but with a minor change… the logo will be an outline only, to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of a hot day and a large patch of plastic on the back.  They will be pre-shrunk, high-quality tee shirts to commemorate Boston Moto’s 5-year anniversary and once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

So you may be reading this, and pinching yourself… because what could be any better than getting maximum track time with your friends at Boston Moto AND getting to know the instruction and staff at the oldest motorcycle school in the country while getting decked out in the latest fashion and eye wear trends?

Well, Penguin also has a rental / demo fleet available if you or any of your friends are interested in trying the track for the first time, or trying out one of the latest Kawasaki models. Test rides are available for all participants: Ninja300, Ninja650, ZX6, ZX10.

But here’s the thing (and I’ve been eyeing a ZX-10R since the new one debuted…) After you complete your test ride you’ll get a certificate for $250 off the purchase of a new bike (on top of your best deal). Yeah, negotiate the absolute BEST deal you can with the Kawasaki dealer of your choice… and Kawaski will take another $250 off, just because you test rode the bike at a Kawasaki Experience Day.

So, there you have it. While we are disappointed that we are unable to continue as a track day provider, we couldn’t think of a better partner to continue our passion with than Penguin Racing School and can’t wait to see you at the track!!